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Cerberus FTP Server is a full-featured and secure FTP server. It is free for personal, non-business use. Companies can purchase it for $69.95. I have to admit that I haven't used FTP servers for a long time. But I love what I am seeing by looking at Cerberus FTP Server's interface and array of features. Every feature that an FTP server should have is included in this app. The user interface is very simple. It looks clean, but if you dig around you will find some very advanced features.

The server configuration, which is the most important aspect of FTP servers is VERY easy to complete. By hitting next during the wizard, you end up with a fully-functional FTP server. You even get help about port-forwarding and protocols while it is installing. You can add your first users from that wizard, or you can access the User Manager afterwards. I won't go over all the features because there are literally hundreds of them. But with Cerberus FTP Server you get PASV Mode, SSL encryption, LDAP server, IP-Blocking, auto-banning, logging and even transfer stats.

You can monitor the status of the server at all times and when you close the window, Cerberus FTP Server minimizes to the tray, where you can keep on monitoring it.

Performance-wise, Cerberus FTP Server seems to work well, but with FTP servers you don't know until you have hundreds of users connected downloading and uploading files.

José Fernández
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